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Massage pour enfants à besoins particuliers (Autisme, TDAH, anxiété)

The technique

MEBP® technique  differs from a traditional massage, because it is specifically adapted for special needs children

The massage is supported by a visual sequence and is composed of deep pressures and / or gliding techniques (effleurages) in respect of every child's sensory characteristics and specific needs.


The massage has great impacts on the proprioceptive system, which brings many benefits:


-Increases body awareness
-Improves concentration and increases alertness
-Reduces anxiety and helps managing emotions
-Reduces stress levels
-Improves sleep quality
-Increases touch tolerance
-Improves digestion and reduces constipation
-Reduces the migraines
  and  the frequency and intensity of headaches
-Reduces the
  frequency and intensity  of  tics

Technical  MEBP®  given on a  futon  lying on the floor and fully dressed. 

Giving the massage on a futon promotes a bond, proximity between the massage therapist and the child, who is free of any movement.


With special needs children, we must see the massage as a  prevention tool and not only just a way to relax.
The massage must be done with a weekly frequency
  to maximize the benefits.


MEBP® technique is accredited by:

  • Quebec Federation of Massage Therapists

  • The Professional Association of Specialized Massage Therapists of Quebec

  • ASCA Foundation, Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicines

  • French Federation of Shiatsu Masunaga

  • National Certification Board For Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) - United States

  • Estonian Ministry of Education and Research

  • Massage Therapists Association of Nova Scotia

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MEBP®'s precious partners technique:

Massage pour enfants à besoins particuliers (Autisme, TDAH, anxiété)

MEBP® technique is a registered  trademark of Mélissa Boulanger. All rights reserved.

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