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Massage pour enfants à besoins particuliers (Autisme, TDAH, anxiété)


A pioneer  in her field ,  Mélissa Boulanger is the founder of Technique MEBP®, massage for special needs children.

A pioneer in her field, Mélissa Boulanger is the founder of Technique MEBP®, massage for special needs children. She is a mother of two boys both with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Disorder without Hyperactivity (ADD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

A graduate in shiatsu and Swedish massage, she specialized in the accompaniment of special needs children. Her training, her knowledge, and her experience led her to create MEBP® Technique. An effective approach of intervention recommended for all children with ASD, ADHD or other related disorders, Technique MEBP® is taught in Canada, Switzerland, France, Estonia, and  Belgium.

Recognized worldwide, Technique MEBP® is accredited by several federations, associations, and government departments. MEBP® technique is a registered trademark created to protect the public. Only massage therapists who complete the training program and sign the Trademark License Agreement are allowed to use this reserved designation.

Accreditations and  qualifications

  • Member of National Network of Expertise in Autism Spectrum Disorders ( RNETSA )

  • Associated member of  Quebec Federation of Autism

  • Certified massage therapist of  Quebec Federation of Massage Therapists

  • Graduated in Shiatsu massage at the Guijek  Institute

  • Graduated in Swedish  massage at  Orthotherapy massage academy

  • Graduated in baby and infant massage  at  Physiotherapist  Institute

  • Graduated in  Massage in Schools Program at  Misa Quebec

Specific qualifications

  • Certificate  of Intervention in Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders   - University of Montreal - ongoing

  • Certificate - FISP1 -  The Internal Functioning of the Autistic Thought Structure Level 1 - SACCADE - Center d 'expertise en autisme

  • Attestation - LSC1 - T he Conceptual SACCADE Language Level 1 - SACCADE - Center of expertise in autism

  • Attestation - EMOT1 - Autism spectrum disorder and emotions Level  1 - SACCADE - Center of expertise in autism

  • Certificate -  PACQ-2 - Communicate with a  person with autism  - SACCADE - Center of expertise in autism

  • Attestation - ADHD : understand, support and take care of  children  - Laval University

  • Certificate - Autism Spectrum Disorder - University of California, Davis

  • Certificate - Introduction to Autism - Geneva Center for Autism

  • Certificate - Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders - Joe-Ann Benoit

  • Certification - Sensory Difficulties in Children - Patrick Major, Occupational Therapist

  • Attestation of Attendance - Aspergers Children's Parenthood Association (APEA) Conference

    • The Asperger Child: Past, Present, and Future - Tony Attwood Ph.D.

    • The quest for diagnosis: a difficulty journey - N Ormand Giroux Ph.D.

    • The Asperger's child and his doctor - better understanding comorbidities - Sylvain Palardy Ph.D.

  • Certificate of Attendance - 2016 CENOP Training Center Symposium - Psychopathology of Impulsivity : Evaluative Challenges and Evidentiary Interventions.

    • The contribution of neuroimaging to the understanding of impulsive symptoms in ADHD: from inhibition to delay aversion. - Michel Habib Ph.D.

    • Impulsivity, High Potentia l, and ADHD - Olivier Revol Ph.D.

    • The neurobiology of impulsivity - Hugo Théoret PhD.

    • Impulsivity and Tourette - Yves Dion Ph.D.

    • The challenge of differential diagnosis when excessive anxiety gets involved - Marie-Eve Nadeau PhD.

    • And if I could inhibit my tics !!! - Line Gascon Ph.D.

    • Emotional regulation and management of impulsivity in children and adolescents  with ADHD - Magali Rebattel PhD, Anne Gramond Ph.D. and Marie Jourdain Ph.D.

    • Impulsivity in autistic children - Ginette Bernier

    • Impulsivity: how to cope? - Francine Lussier Ph.D.

  • Certificate of Attendance - ADHD "ADHD in all directions"

    • ADHD: A World of Discovery - Annick Vincent Ph.D.

    • Focus on ADHD: Maps and Compasses to Better Intervene - Dr. Annick Vincent and Mr. Eric Lacourse

    • At the borders of ADHD - Anthony Rostain Ph.D.

    • Part 1 - Tips and tricks for adults with ADHD - Martin Pearson Ph.D.

    • Part 2 - the art of thinking differently: ADHD at work - Martin Pearson Ph.D.

  • Certificate of Attendance - Congress Better Understanding NEURODIVERSITY

    • Stress: Or how to hunt mammoths without leaving their skin -  Sonia Lupien PhD

    • Socio-sexual education adapted to individuals - Isabelle Hénault Ph.D.

    • Better understanding sleep in children with a neurodevelopmental disorder - Roger Godbout PhD.

  • Certificate of Attendance - Developing Autonomy in Persons with ASD Without DI - Isabelle Hénault PhD

  • Certificate of Attendance - Managing opposition of young ADHD and finding harmony at home - Benoit Hammarrenger PhD

Massage pour enfants à besoins particuliers (Autisme, TDAH, anxiété)

MEBP® technique is a registered  trademark of Mélissa Boulanger. All rights reserved.

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